Making Precision Parts Faster, Better and More Economically

Market-leading, precision engineering specialist, O.L.D. Engineering, is a company committed to continuous improvement.

Mazak Horizontal Center Nexus 6000-II
Mazak Horizontal Center Nexus 6000-II

In this respect, the company has invested in some 21 new Doosan machines – seven of which have been installed at the company’s manufacturing facility in Hinckley within the last six years – highlighting the company’s technology investment philosophy.

The machines in question – 1x Puma 600 (large capacity) lathe; 2x Puma 400 lathes and 2x Lynx lathes with driven tooling, a VM 960L vertical machining centre and 2x VC500 (twin-pallet) vertical machining centres – are all high-productivity, multi-tasking models and demonstrate that O.L.D. Engineering is concerned more with improving manufacturing capability as opposed to merely increasing machining capacity.

Within the last 12 months O.L.D. Engineering has also acquired a high performance, high productivity Mazak Horizontal Center Nexus 6000-II to enhance the CNC milling section capability for large, heavy part operations.


Increased productivity and more flexibility

O.L.D. Engineering’s Chairman Mary Topp explains, “Multi-tasking machines make us more productive and increase our flexibility. The sectors we serve are highly competitive, so the technology we invest in has to help us make precision parts faster, better and more economically than the competition.”

“This is especially true in new sectors and with new customers, where we need to demonstrate and provide compelling reasons for customers to change from their incumbent suppliers.”

The machines purchased by O.L.D. Engineering enable the company to manufacture completed parts in fewer set-ups and in reduced cycle times. The use of 5-axis machining also optimises the accuracy and precision of machined components.

O.L.D. Engineering machine precision components from cast iron, aluminium and steel through to stainless and more difficult-to-machine materials for a diverse and growing range of customers. The parts themselves are equally varied too and include everything from prototypes and one-offs, through to small/medium batch production.


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