Cylindrical Grinder Increases Productivity

Jones & Shipman Ultramat 1000 Easy
Jones & Shipman Ultramat 1000 Easy

Increasingly, short lead times and flexible call-offs by customers mean that Hinckley based O.L.D. Engineering have to offer ever-shorter response times.

O.L.D. Engineering’s need for flexibility in precision finish-grinding hundreds of different components means ease of programming, incorporating both grinding and dressing cycles, is paramount – hence the attraction of the Ultramat Easy external cylindrical-grinding machine from Jones & Shipman.

“Additional capacity was the initial driver for considering a new machine, but when the capability of the Ultramat’s software became evident, we soon appreciated the additional benefits of very short set-up times. Indeed, the machine’s operator can now look after two machines in the cell. Not untypically, we could be producing hundreds of different components per week in a variety of batch sizes so minimising non-productive time between batches is particularly important,” explained Joint Managing Director Chris Topp.


The Ultramat Easy

The Ultramat Easy, with a 1m grinding length, covers most of its likely shaft lengths (the machine features a one-piece ‘T’ bed design with a fully supported table). A touch-screen provides access to the Easy software, while automatic dressing and grinding cycles mean the machine can be quickly set and left to run unmanned.

A proportion of O.L.D. Engineering’s work is grinding the heat-treated bearing surfaces of shafts to ±4 microns, without in-process diameter gauging. The Marposs wheel-head-mounted touch-trigger probe for shoulder location is vital to ensure that component positioning is precise (in the Z axis) relative to the master datum of each component type.

Components are gauged manually during the grinding cycle, but they are subjected, after completion, to individual high-accuracy inspection on a Tesa Scan 52, which offers colour-coded classification of the measurement values and allows the analysis of the results at a glance.

In conclusion, Mr Topp says: “Since its installation in June 2015, the Ultramat has become an invaluable part of our operations and has given us an immediate payback in reduced down-time alone. Indeed, we now have the capacity to offer a sub-contract grinding service, such is the combination of our operator skills and the machine’s Easy software.”


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